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Home Delivery Service is available in DeKalb, Sycamore, Cortland and Hinkley. Please call (888) 828-7888 regarding other areas.

Greenacres Delivery & Pickup FAQs

Q: I am not usually home during the day. Where do I leave the clothes?

A: Each Greenacre customer is furnished with 2 "Express Bags" that have all the customer data on an I.D. tag. Most people put the bag on the front porch where the driver can see it. If this approach is a concern, we will make alternate arrangements. Many customers arrange for us to pick it up in the garage or on a back porch.


Q: Where will the driver put the the finished clothes?


A: Most customers have a storm door on their front door. The clothes are hung on the return chain, out of the weather, between the storm door and the front door. Again, we can make arrangements to hang the clothes anywhere you wish. Some customers attach a hook where they prefer delivery.


Q: How do I pay for the dry cleaning?


A: We will send you a monthly bill. You can either keep a credit card on file with us or pay by check.


Q: I use dry cleaning infrequently. How often do you pick up?

A: We have many different options available. Most customers use a Monday - Thursday, or Tuesday - Friday schedule. Customers who use dry cleaning less frequently can choose a once-a-week schedule or can select a call-in basis. Clothes picked up on one day will be returned the next scheduled day of the option.


Q: s there a minimum size order?

A: There is no minimum; we do ask that you try and tailor your frequency to make delivery economical. 


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